Reporting Guidelines

In the event of severe weather and Skywarn activation, a NCS will call the Monmouth County Skywarn Net on the WB2ABT Asbury Park Repeater on 147.045+MHz, PL Tone of 67.0Hz. The net will be a directed net, and will be in effect until the severe warning expires or the threat of severe weather has passed our area.

All reports must be actual observed conditions. Please do not submit reports repeating TV/Radio broadcasts, as these reports have come from the NWS. When submitting a report, give your name, callsign, spotter number (if applicable), actual location and time of event. If applicable, please also note the direction the weather event is headed (such as with funnel clouds or tornadoes). When giving reports of hail, please give either the measured size or relative size compared to US Coins of the LARGEST hailstone observed.

Reportable Severe Weather Parameters: